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Women’s Day 2018 at Swara
July 22, 2016 aboutswara

Women’s Day 2018 at Swara

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Here’s what we did for last women’s day!

Swara’s Women’s Day Giveaway!

Meet the face of Swara. When Swara needed a model, Shanti came to its rescue and in the process broke many rural strings.
We call her Phoenix. What would you? 😉

We want to know which heroes the important women in your life are! 💐 Participate in the campaign to win your own Swara.✨ To participate:

1. Follow us @swaravoiceofwomen
2. Post about a woman you admire. “If ___ was an Avenger, she would be #___
3. Include #wonderwomenofswara#BecauseTheWorldNeedsMoreThanOneWonderWoman
4. Tag us
5. DM a screenshot of the post/story

Giveaway closes on Friday (09.03.18) at noon. A winner will be randomly selected and will get a Swara product of their choice.
So go on, tell us about the inspiring women in your lives; because the world needs more than one Wonder Woman.

One day, Shanti brought her friend Rajni to the photoshoot. Rajni was quiet and shy. She changed into the clothes, came in front of the camera and charmed us with her heart-warming, eyes twinkling smile

If Rajni was an Avenger, she would be Bruce Banner. Her smile has all the strength of The Hulk.

Presenting to you, the master-artisan!
She is super busy working her magic on the beautiful clothes you see Shanti and Rajni wearing and don’t even have the time to look at the camera

Her best friend, the TV, assists her a lot with designing. Everyday, she would have taken inspiration from what one cruel sister-in-law or the other is wearing. She is the most talented woman on our team, currently working on a Swara kids line for her visit to Mumbai!
Don’t you love the energy?

If Neelam was an #avenger, she would be #IronMan because of her sassy responses and styyyyyyle.


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