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Parvati Top

Parvati Top


Parvati is the goddess of masculine energy, while her husband, Shiva is the god of feminine energy. Shiva, the blue-ish coloured god who looks like an Indian Medusa, with a pile of snakes coiled on top of his head, is often depicted by a lingam or penis, while Parvati is represented by the yoni.

Together, their union gave birth to the half-man, half-elephant, Ganesh, the god of wisdom. Parvati is depicted fair, bare-breasted and dancing, the final—and emancipated—incarnation of goddesses before her that suffered miserable fates in the face of men.

Parvati is also the daughter of the mountains: elusive as the antelope and changing as the moon. She is that lumber girl that gets down in the bushes, and afterwards, grabs your underwear and runs.

– Content borrowed from Himali Singh Soin. Article name: “Healthy Mind | 5 Indian Goddesses Every Woman Should Know”

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