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Morni Dress

Morni Dress


Why fit in when you were born to stand out?
~ Dr. Seuss

~ Be the centre of attention in the classy Morni dress!
~ ‘Morni’ means female peacock in Hindi
~ This dress captivates and charms, so wear it with caution!
~ Perfect for a romantic evening out or a casual brunch date
~ Roomy pockets! You can fill it with all your secrets

~ Size Chart: Swipe to the last image to find your perfect size
~ Tailored with love by Wonder Women in rural Kerala (India)
~ Printed in Akola, Rajasthan
~ 100% Cotton
~ Dabu Hand Block Printed
~ Organically dyed with Indigo
~ Special clothes need special care! The colour bleeds during a wash
~ Hand wash separately or dry clean

This product is available on a “back-order” i.e. pre-order basis. It is not currently in stock but, do place your order and we will get it to you in 30 – 40 days (owing to the pandemic restrictions, many elements of the supply chain are broken and hence the delay)

Thanks for your patience and happy shopping!

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