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Cultural Sustainability
May 7, 2019 aboutswara

Cultural Sustainability

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SWARA is a member of The Cultural Intellectual Property Rights Initiative, the first global network that recognises cultural IP rights for craftsmen and women as custodians and transmitters of traditional knowledge, traditional designs and traditional manufacturing techniques.

Proud of India’s rich cultural heritage SWARA integrates traditional textile knowledge in its supply chain by partnering with artisans from different creative communities across the country.

By valuing artisans as knowledge partners SWARA contributes to the transmission of the craft to future generations.

  • We co-create designs with artisans from the Chippa community in Akola, Rajasthan. You can look at the beautiful prints on our Gilahari sarees which are co-created with these artisans as knowledge partners.


  • We source azo-free dyed, handwoven stoles and sarees from the tribal women of Barama, Assam. They are a cooperative of passionate women who go by the brand name of Khipini.


  • We acknowledge artisans as equal partners and recognise their cultural IP rights.
Writer: Monica Bota Moisin and Asha Scaria
Photo: Vivek Dhabai
Shot in Akola, Rajasthan

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