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A poem about strong women

Do strong women cry?

by Sharon Robson

I cried
I fell
I bled...

I cried
I fell
I bled
All alone.

All because strong women aren't supposed to show moments 
of weakness. 
Not once in their life.

If you cry, you become yet another woman with tears  
always at the brim of your lashes.
None  to take you seriously, 
None  to call you equal.

We are made to believe since time immemorial, 
that girls cry and boys don’t.

As time passed and we grew, gender was given a chance at fluidity.
We even phrased  ’strong women are equal to men’, 
just to stand shoulder to shoulder equal to men.
We had to mimic men in order to identified by men as equals. 
Aren’t we woman first, 
humans bound with our own brand of uniqueness?

Why not take a step back and ask yourself,
Why should I feel so helpless and lonely? 
Why should I bear it all alone?

You don’t sister. 
Believe me, you don’t. 
You were only made to believe so.

You can have a helping hand and still be strong,
You can have a shoulder to cry on and still be fearless,
You can crave a warm hug and still soar independently.

Always remember my dear beautiful sister,
Your ability to express emotion is your strength,
To forget
To forgive
To let go
To let the present run its course
And the future shine brighter than yesterday.
Always remember my dear beautiful sister,
It’s your power from within that lets the tears run down 
your soft cheeks.
It is you who has the strength,
To endure what you thought couldn't,
To face what you thought would break you,
To fight alongside men without being them.

Just be yourself my beautiful sister,
Because you and I know

Strong women show weakness.
Strong women march right ahead with our heads held high.
Strong women weren't put on God's green earth to be just 
equal to men,
Strong women were made in an image so much more greater 
than our society could ever imagine.